We provide specialist facilitation services on major or complex projects. Rock Pipit is experienced in providing top-quality facilitation services to large groups of diverse stakeholders with differing and sometimes conflicting views. We are adept at resolving disputes and can provide impartial leadership when a resolution is required.

We use a variety of facilitation techniques designed to achieve the maximum output in the minimum of time. Often, for example, specialist facilitators will expect a study to take over 3 days on a large project. We have, in response to user needs, developed a method that captures complex project issues effectively within a single working day. 


Value Management (VM) is one of the most widely misunderstood areas of modern project management. Contrary to the prevalent belief, VM is not about cutting costs.  It is all about stakeholder involvement and functionality. Using specific techniques such as Function Analysis, a well run Value Management study is one of the most powerful aids to a successful project.

We have observed that teams don’t habitually assess risk or use Risk Management as a tool – instead they use it for the sake of compliance. It’s something that just has to be done … We take a different view: we think that if teams think about risks, issues, solutions and opportunities properly and regularly, project performance will be greatly improved. The key to this discipline is in making Risk Management something that is both easy to use and is also a useful aid to good project management.


Resources and people are the key success factor in delivering results. We have spent time exploring team dynamics – how the people in it interact – and its role and direction – what it wants to achieve and how it goes about it. We have also designed several unique team-based activities to encourage interaction and cooperation between individuals.  We've delivered away days for lots of different groups; from an intimate day with 2 directors to a massive three day event with 100 delegates, you're in safe hands.  We have our own in-house event management capability too.

We've delivered many partnering workshops from small projects to multi-million pound developments.  Our ability to bring together teams and focus their attention on objectives and working principles has brought huge acclaim for our events.  Typically, our workshops look at a range of subjects: communication styles; scenario exercises; contract familiarity; objectives alignment and working principle commitments.  Each workshop is bespoke and can involve some 'classroom' sessions and/or team building exercises.  Large projects may benefit from a full-scale team away day or "partners camp".

More recently, combined with our work in soft landings, we have facilitated hand over preparation workshops.  These full or half-day sessions are tailored, particularly for large or complex projects, and seek to establish a plan of work for the owner/operator/maintainer/service teams to make preparations to receive the building from the contractor and project delivery team.


A vital part of project management process - and of really key importance to customers and users of built assets.  We have developed a highly sophisticated tool called eVALUate. This innovation really helps teams assess, rapidly and precisely, their project's successes and gives them the opportunity to capture lessons learned swiftly and easily.