We've developed and implemented training programmes that enable your leaders to understand new ventures or directions; or to equip your staff with new skills or to support them in new ways of working.  We think that confident, well-trained staff inspire their customers.

To succeed in business, presentation skills are an essential component of a rounded manager's skill set.  With twenty years of presenting professionally, combined with our warm training style, we can equip even the most modest individual with presentation confidence.  We focus on the individual's communication style and give them tools and skills that match their own preference.

Time management, budget, planning and scheduling are all innate skills of a competent project manager.  When you assign a project to one of your team, are you sure that they know how to do these things well, or do they just seem like "they can do detail"?  We can give supervisors and novice PM's the grounding in the skills they need.  Especially suited to professionals looking to run in-house projects, or lead teams.

Your key people are important work-winners – they generate the business that keeps you growing. You want your potential leaders to start to generate that business – this course is for them.  Many professional services organisations focus on their unique selling points (USPs) when winning work. This is not enough in today’s challenging market conditions.  Your competitors’ USPs may be as good as yours … or better.  With this training course, we focus on the customer and how to win.

You can spend thousands getting to the interview stage with a client.  Months, perhaps years, of effort have culminated in this opportunity to present your proposals and team – we can help your team seal the deal and provide a return on all that investment.  We specialise in ‘selection-via-interview’ for the property, construction and design markets and have worked in a number of crucial sectors for household name organisations as well as smaller niche businesses.  We provide discrete and confidential services that will help you maximise your opportunities.

A fundamental step from competent doer to value adder is the ability to represent and build your business in networks.  We all have networks, they are the building blocks of society.  We need to understand how to develop our own networks and use their power to grow a customer / referrer base for ourselves and our organisation.

We give each delegate a thorough grounding in risk assessment techniques.  This includes risk identification, risk evaluation and risk control.  These fundamental parts of the process show how the risk assessment is put together and the risk register is built.  We look at the difference between inherent and acquired risks as well as basic SWOT analyses and how these follow the risk assessment pattern.  We show how to balance the opportunities with the risk and we recognise the importance of the risk:reward equation.

Our natural, engaging style is popular with groups and helps provide growth in confidence and competence across the organisation.  We can design a bespoke course for particular needs or we offer a range of in-house courses on management, commercial and technical skills.