It's important that consultancy services are backed up by technical excellence.  We apply ourselves to researching and developing the skills and knowledge we provide to make sure the service we give you is bang up to date.

Often simplistically associated with cutting costs or scope reduction, 'value' is usually referred to when a budget comes under threat! However, using Value and Quality Management techniques, we are able to identify potential savings in the budget while still delivering the customer’s needs.  

Rock Pipit’s robust value engineering processes are immensely valuable to the customer team when approaching an investment decision. Using different analyses, and combining those with quality function deployment techniques, we are often able to pick out wide-ranging changes or variations which add value or reduce waste.

We can act as an impartial arbiter of value, between client and contractor or design team, when approaching contract. This approach assures the client that their needs are being borne in mind when budgetary constraints may seemingly be forcing the team to make large reductions in scope or specification.

Rock Pipit offers a bespoke, total Risk Management solution based on our two main Risk products: 

RapidRisk©: Easy-to-use, strategic project risk 
RiskDash©: Fully customisable, detailed risk analysis tool 

These specialist tools provide a prepared list of early-project-stage scenarios to help staff and their clients to “score” the project for Risk. It also includes a prompt-list of generic project risks, which facilitates the preparation of project-specific Risk Registers by staff, whether in isolation or in consultation with their client, user group and/or project team. It is easy to use, update and change – live and in real time.

We have observed that teams don’t habitually assess risk or use Risk Management as a tool – instead they use it for the sake of compliance. It’s something that just has to be done … We take a different view: we think that if teams think about risks, issues, solutions and opportunities properly and regularly, project performance will be greatly improved.