We work in the areas of value, quality, risk and resources. Our techniques are basically simple and common sense applications; we help you acquire knowledge; understand what you know; and interpret what your customers, users, maintainers, servicers and suppliers tell you about your organisation or your project.

VALUABLE THINKING : From Launch to Landing.  
Using this unique and bespoke system, we seek to improve the value of your project and help you deliver it, from launch to landing, with the surety of a successful outcome. 

We have developed an innovative and powerful tool kit to assess the true value of your project.  Our aim through VALUABLE THINKING is to help you to make informed decisions, get the facility you need and not just what your team tells you you can afford.  We begin with the landing in mind and work from project launch.  We establish the many and diverse requirements of the project at the outset and track them, using sophisticated metrics and assessment criteria, right through to project completion and post occupation.

We apply VALUABLE THINKING in an interactive format using dashboard technology. The results of our 12, 16 or 20-point intervention are displayed instantly and graphically for all participants to see. In addition to this, we also provide concise reporting containing thorough recommendations for the project team at prescribed milestones. 

Rock Pipit is one of the leading exponents of Value Management in the UK today, being instrumentally involved in the Institute of Value Management – the UK body responsible for standards in VM. We know that nobody is currently thinking about value in the way we are with VALUABLE THINKING. We want to help you demonstrate VfM in a real and meaningful way, without relying on solely on global estimates without context.

Rock Pipit prides itself on being a solution provider. We work as an integral part of your team, providing leadership and direction to achieve success. Our aim is always to deliver the end product securely whilst maximising every opportunity along the journey. 

We've adopted a project management and planning system: WorkPlan. Using this system the whole project or process is depicted on one sheet of paper in an easy to read format that can be understood by everyone. WorkPlan provides a platform for the whole team to work from. Unlike bar charts (the PM’s usual stock-in-trade) WorkPlan displays clearly all the interrelationships and crucial dependencies for all to see. 

Scope is the foundation of successful project delivery. And we manage the key elements of the project scope rigorously. Our unrivalled expertise in value management coupled with solid risk management principles means that we can set, govern and control the scope with authority. This minimises scope creep which leads to harmful late project change. 

Rock Pipit can help your team pursue the key customers and opportunities your business needs by providing either discrete consultancy interventions (e.g. training, coaching, planning, reviewing) or by taking ownership for you.  We can, if required, pursue target clients from zero contact to close.  We have highly skilled telesales resources, sales  and marketing expertise, and profound customer-environment knowledge.

The key to winning work is capturing it.  The organisation must recognise the critical steps to undertake in order to plan, pursue and capture the work it needs to survive and flourish.  Pursuit and capture is the key fundament of the process.   Key Accounts are captured and retained, they don’t come to you on their own.

To really succeed in pursuits, it is essential to understand the benefits of our approach rather than USP.  To develop a winning relationship with the customer is critical; you must use the relationship to understand them.  Only by obtaining this understanding can an organisation put together a proposal that is guaranteed to win.

We enjoy our work. A key difference when you work with us is that we want you to enjoy the process too. Yes, this is work – but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't take the opportunity to celebrate success; tackle problems with openness and vigour; and share in winning.